Associations are required to have certain types of insurance for common areas and for protection of the corporation. In addition, owners are required to have proper insurance on their property. This section is designed to provide access to Cedar Run HOC insurance information as well as provide helpful tips and guidelines for owners.

All homeowners are required to maintain HO-6 insurance coverage on their units, commonly referred to as a condo policy. In addition, owners are required to have their Phase, as well as Cedar Run HOC, listed on their insurance policies. Owners should fax a copy of the policy to Associa Chicagoland - Suburbs at 847-490-9807 or mail a copy to Associa Chicagoland - Suburbs at 50 E. Commerce Drive, Suite 110, Schaumburg, IL 60173. If Associa does not manage your Phase, a copy will also need to be sent to your Phases’ Management Company.

Rosenthal Brothers handles the HOC’s master insurance policy. If homeowners need a copy of the Association’s master certificate of insurance for their mortgage companies, they may call our agent at 847-940-4300 to request a copy. Each Phase has their own insurance coverage with a separate policy; these are frequently requested by mortgage holders in order to confirm your unit has sufficient coverage. If you need information on your Phases’ insurance policy, please contact your Phases’ current management company for this information.  

Todos los propietarios están obligados a mantener una cobertura de seguro HO-6 en sus unidades, comúnmente conocido como una póliza de condominio. También, los propietarios están obligados a tener su Fase, al igual como Cedar Run HOC, nombradas en sus pólizas de seguro. Los propietarios deben enviar por fax una copia de la póliza a Associa Chicagoland - Suburbs al 847-490-9807 o enviar una copia de Associa Chicagoland - Suburbs a 50 E. Commerce Drive, Suite 110, Schaumburg, IL 60173. Si Associa no administra su Fase, una copia también debe ser enviada a la compañía de administración de su fase.

Rosenthal Brothers maneja la póliza de seguro del HOC. Si los propietarios necesitan una copia del certificado de la póliza de seguro de la Asociación para sus compañías hipotecarias, pueden llamar a nuestro agente al 847-940-4300 para solicitar una copia. Cada Fase tiene su propia cobertura de seguro con una póliza separada; Estos son solicitados con frecuencia por los titulares de hipotecas con el fin de confirmar que su unidad tiene suficiente cobertura. Si necesita información sobre la póliza de seguro de su Fase, comuníquese con la compañía actual de administración de su fase para obtener esta información.